My Creative Story

Born and raised in London, I grew up with a love of art. I had a natural gift for sketching, which then led to an interest in Fine Art and Photography. After attending Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London) I decided to study for a career in Graphic Design. Even though I found the field interesting, I knew fairly quickly that I preferred creating something raw and tangible with my own hands.


Art to me is not just a photograph, sculpture or painting. It is also the everyday things we have and use in our life. From the frame a photograph sits in, to a piece of jewellery you wear. We express our own style through the things we own.


I started experimenting and working with polymer clay and wanted to create something different, unique and beautiful, but also at the same time useful! This led me to create these marbled trinket dishes. A specific set of colours are used, and these have been blended using a refined method to create this particular marbled pattern. To me there is something very special about having a design that no one else has!

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